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We serve the basic amenities to those who are in needs. We adopt those who are helpless and wandering down on streets and rehabilitate them. We keep them self occupied through vocational training and other activities.


It may least before man but It is greatest before God

We believe that if we do a least for the people in insane, it will be noted in the book in Heaven. So we love to treat the brothers and sisters of God as our own brethren. This is the vision that God had enlighten in our hearts and at Shalom Karunyabhavan, they can find the “Prince of Peace”.

Treatment of Love and Care

In most cases, we used to adopt mentally disabled humans and nourish them by providing basic needs along with love and support which strengthens their mind.

500 Successful Projects

1534 People Impacted

14432 Money Donated

189 Total Volunteers

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We Serve

We serve the basic amenities to those who are in needs. We are devoted to give proper medical treatments, Food and clothes for the mentally challenged people. We adopt them from streets and provide proper those who suffer.

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